Poem – The Dream Team

Welcome to the beautiful Hub,

We’re a community, we’re more than a club.

A union of strong women,

With an amazing vision,

Yet this is just the beginning…

Of many life-changing decisions,

We’re constantly giving,

Following our ongoing mission,

We dare not listen,

To the negative opinions,

As we are women who are driven.

Of creating change,

In a world full of deranged.

Shining our light,

While doing what’s right,

With no violence and fight,

Watching women ignite,

Under full moonlight.

Being all magical,

As well as very rational,

That is why one day we’ll be national!

All because of a special someone,

Who’s been planting seeds since day one,

Many incredible things she has done,

Second to none,

Is empowering women from old to young.

What an amazing achievement,

I am so grateful to be part of something with such meaning,

Far from demeaning,

Sometimes it feels like I’m dreaming.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you,

Lynne Franks for bringing us together.

To make this world better,

Your work will be remembered forever!

-Blessed be.

– Samantha Stocker-Harding

Samantha also hosts a Spoken Word Event every second Thursday of the month. It’s free entry and everyone is welcome!