The SEED Hub Club – Women’s Co-Working & Networking Community

Connect. Create. Collaborate


“At the SEED Hub Club Women from all walks of life come together to work by the feminine principles of sustainable co-operation and mutual empowerment supporting each other within a dynamic and friendly community giving them the opportunity to attain their highest potential”

Lynne Franks, OBE, Founder of SEED

Join our growing community and work alongside other women from the beautiful Seed Hub in Wincanton, Somerset in 2024!

We believe that now is the time for women to come together in a supportive co-operative environment to work alongside each other sharing their business ideas, skills and vision.

As women, our instinctual and natural way of being is in community. We thrive together.

The SEED Hub Club brings women entrepreneurs, creatives, practitioners and leaders together offering a co-working space, networking events, workshops, retreats, mentoring opportunities and business training intensives.

Empowered & Connected We Rise Together.


Co-Working Space

Opening April 2024

Whether you’re self employed, run a business or a not for profit enterprise, or perhaps have ideas for something you want to start, we would love to have you join us at The SEED Hub Club.

The SEED Hub Club is all about collaboration, community and connection; where you will have the chance to promote your business, connect with like-minded others, learn from experts and grow your skills.

We are here to support and nurture you in our lovely Wincanton co-working space, from Mondays to Friday 9:30 am to 4 pm.

Membership fees start at £45 per month for our ‘Grow’ Membership

Thrive and Flourish VIP Memberships Coming Soon!

Why the SEED Hub Club?

We believe that by combining feminine values along with a more conscious, caring and holistic approach in all areas of society, a new and much needed paradigm will evolve which will release untapped potential in people, businesses and communities, locally and globally.

We believe that by working in a spirit of co-operation and empowering each other, we can transform communities, local and global, where the ideas, principles and the power of women are integrated into society for the benefit of all.

The SEED Hub Club is here to support women as they collectively and collaboratively plant the SEEDS for this new future.

Monday – Friday 9:30 am – 4 pm.

Free Refreshments

Access to Lynne’s Women’s Empowerment Library

Monthly and Daily rates available.

3 Membership Types

Grow Membership – £45 per month

Guest Day Pass – £10

Visitor’s Day Pass – £15

Please sign up to our waiting list below if you’re interested in joining us in this exciting new project!


When you become a member, you will get:

Membership Gift Pack

List of Free Upcoming Events for Members

Discounts on our SEED Social Events and Bedrooms

Access to Lynne’s Women’s Empowerment Library

Access to a loving, supportive and nurturing community