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A nurturing space for entrepreneurs, staying guests, inspirational events and retreats created by Lynne Franks.

I have always imagined having a SEED Hub where people could come together to work, grow, stay, play, learn and share the seeds of their ideas and visions. After moving to Wincanton in beautiful Somerset, I finally found these two heritage buildings which could nurture and hold the space for my dream. I do hope you will join me for an uplifting and co-creative experience in my nurturing home.”

– Lynne Franks, 2023

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“I want our guests to feel as if they are in my home where they can come to rejuvinate, relax, learn, dream and be nurtured, leaving with an understanding of their life purpose and what gives them joy”

– Lynne Franks

The SEED Story

SEED Story

Lynne Franks

Lynne Franks

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“Lynne wants to use her lifelong interest in healing to help others refocus their lives”

– Sophie Heawood, The Observer Magazine