Qi Gong with Clara Apollo

“Qigong will help to synchronise your mind, body and spirit through the alchemical process of movement and stillness. If you’re a curious beginner or advanced practitioner, you are welcome to come explore the power of your Qi, no matter age or ability.”

Elemental Qigong is an easily accessible moving meditation through the seasons, relating to the energies, and body organs, connected to the time of the year. This encourages your mind and body to sync in with your natural surroundings and gather the abundant energy into your system for later use.

Qigong is a healing art linked to Chinese Medicine. It means ‘energy work’ and is a compassionate practice that nurtures you to land in the Now moment and flow into the repeated ‘forms.’ These enable a calmness to become you as you breathe with the rhythm of the movements, then return to stillness, which is where the magic of energy gathering comes in, offering a clearing of the mind, opening of your heart and deepening into soul-self.

If you struggle with Yoga, get frustrated with Meditation or are simply intrigued by what Qigong can do for you, come and give it a try. Find new ways to unwind tension, disengage stress and activate abundant energy.

Starting Tuesday 11th June

£9 per class for SEED Hub Club Members | £12 for non-members

Email calm@claraapollo.com or Whatsapp 07901 933779 to book


16 Jul 2024


9:30 am - 10:45 am
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